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Pastoral Care

If you have an emergency or crisis please contact your life group leader or call 07841 488020. Alternatively ring the church office 01582 619990.


The LCF Pastoral Care Network seeks to promote and strive for compassion, care and acceptance through excellence, prayer and relationships. We have many different avenues where we can support members of the church community. The Pastoral Care Team meet weekly to coordinate and plan the response to the pastoral and care needs within the members of the church community. Currently this meeting takes place on Tuesday morning.


Meet the Pastoral Care Team

Louise Baldock – Pastoral Meals/Pastoral Support
Joy Powlson – Bereavement Coordinator/Pastoral Support
Shirley Littlejohn – Café+ (formerly known as 'Drop In')
Helen Smeath & Jacqui Banks – Pastoral Support
Jacqui Banks and the Ruth Life Group – Hospital Visiting
Sharon Veares – Admin support


Life Groups

We believe Life Groups are the heart and soul of our church where friendships are built and faith is strengthened. Life Groups are the main source of finding help and support within our church family. If you are not part of a life group, we’d love to help you find one that is right for you and find a place to belong. Please click here to learn more about our life groups.


Welcome Lounge

We believe in building strong friendships and have a Welcome Lounge where anyone new to the church or wanting further information can meet the Pastoral Care team for a chat and learn more about our church family.


Café +

Shirley Littlejohn runs Café+ every Friday from 10.30 to 12.30pm. This is a place where anybody in our church and local community who may be feeling isolated, lonely or just want some company can drop in for a coffee, a chat and and a piece of cake and then join in an activity or game.


Food for the Soul (Pastoral meals)

Louise Baldock and her team prepare meals for people and families within the church community who have a particular need. Pastoral meals can make the world of difference when someone is finding life tough and is a great way to show love within our church community.


Loss and Bereavment

Joy Powlson is the LCF Bereavement coordinator who supports and guides individuals and families through painful bereavement. Her expert knowledge from years of experience can assist with paperwork, advise on professional counselling and offer additional support where needed.


Hospital Visiting

Our Pastoral Care Team alongside the Ruth Life Group also visit our church community when they have a stay in hospital.